New forest trailer with crane

  • Palms 10D
  • crane Palms5.72
  • crane lifting scala 4m-1100 kg and 6,7m-640 kg
  • hydraulic valve block, for crane control
  • grapple+rotator
  • 2x drawbar steering cylinders
  • 2x hydraulic and telescopic support legs
  • total weight 13000 kg
  • pay load 10300 kg
  • emty weight 2700 kg
  • tyres 500/50-17
  • drumm brakes with oil
  • led working lights
  • oil tank 100L + hydro pump

NB! Will ask another type forest trailers, forest cranes, grapples and …

(possible the shipping or door to door transport to DE; NL; BE; and I can help the ro-ro shipments over world)

Export price: 19500 eur